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     Mianyang Ruitai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is an advanced technology service provider in the Internet of Things (IOT) industry, specializing in the systematic design, R&D and It is a high-tech enterprise that manufactures and is committed to providing more advanced and complete systematic solutions to the majority of users.

     The company's self-developed RFID material management system and intelligent monitoring system for power distribution and transformation equipment have been widely used in hundreds of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions such as Foxconn, Taiwan Formosa Plastics, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, ABB, Schneider, etc. The application solves the problems encountered in production and operation. Satisfy users in industries such as power, finance, Industry 4.0, warehousing and logistics to improve production efficiency.

     Make the impossible possible, make the unreliable become reliable, this is us - RTEC.

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RFID solution provider RFID

RFID solution provider

Ultimate efficiency and security

Ultimate efficiency and security

In the supply chain, goods trading and commodity identification, our products and services are committed to the pursuit of the ultimate efficiency and security. Rtec's continuous pursuit of innovative corporate culture drives us to provide customers with effective solutions, and ultimately help customers solve all kinds of problems and challenges they encounter.
R Plan

R Plan

Plan R is a new concept. The high-performance RFID tags and their solutions developed by us can realize the intelligent management and application of customers' assets all over the world in extreme environment, especially in the harsh environment of metal and liquid.

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