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Application of RFID tool management tag

Application of RFID tool management tag

With the popularity of the IOT industrial Internet of Things, more and more enterprises and institutions, defense and military enterprises, etc., began to use RFID technology to manage assets, including tool management, such as the national grid, railways and fire brigades, and there are many kinds of tools with a huge number. At present, enterprises and institutions are using traditional manual management methods and means to achieve data collection and entry for the inventory of assets, borrowing, returning and scraping. Relying only on manual work will lead to low efficiency, high error rate, difficult enterprise management, low work efficiency, difficult to effectively control the loss of fixed assets, and difficult to timely and accurate accounting of operating costs. In recent years, more and more enterprises and institutions have begun to use RFID tools for management, which has greatly improved the efficiency and intelligence of tool management. The accuracy and efficiency of tool management can be greatly improved by installing the specially customized tool workbench of RFID reader and UHF passive anti-metal tag, and the information sharing between organizations and departments can be realized.

However, there are many RFID tags on the market. How to choose a suitable RFID tag management tool?
First, the tag must be anti-metal, because most tools are metal tools, RFID tool tags installed on metal, must be resistant to metals. Second, the tag should be small, such as scissors, screwdrivers and spanners, for the installation surface is limited. If RFID tag is too large, it is not only inconvenient to install, but also inconvenient to the operator in the process of use. Third, our RFID tool management tag has a strong performance. Although small in size, it has a far enough reading distance. When checking by handheld reader or entering and exiting by RFID channel door, there will no miss reading due to insufficient reading distance or poor consistency.

There are many kinds of RFID tags. How to choose the appropriate RFID tools manage tag?
  1.First of all, we must consider the problems of anti-fall and operation during the use of the tools, violent use of tools is a common phenomenon. If the RFID tag does not have good anti-drop performance, it is likely to be damaged in the process of use. Therefore, the tag of PCB material should be selected, which is anti-drop and durable, and has strong anti-metal performance.

  2. There are a variety of tools, most of them are small size tools. The size of the tag has certain requirements, and it cannot be too large, otherwise it will be inconvenient to install and inconvenient to the operator in the process of use. Therefore, when choosing a tag, the size should be small enough, the size of P-S is 4x18x1.8mm, and the size of E-S is 8x3x1.9mm. The small size is convenient for installing various tools.

3.Strong performance is important, reading distance can not be too close. The reading distance for P-S is up to 2 meters on the metal surface, and for E-S is up to 1 meter.

Example of small size tool tag installation for railway tools, aerospace tools

RFID tool tag and RFID smart toolbox, are the perfect match for the  solution of tool management. RFID smart toolbox can realize functions such as one-keyboard check, intelligent sound and light alarm, etc. It realizes tool automation and intelligent management, which greatly shortens tool inventory time, and improves the accuracy and efficiency of tool management. With RTEC tool management tag P-S, its small size and excellent performance can achieve 100% accurate reading of the tool. They are widely used in: aerospace, railway, electric power, fire, prison and other fields.

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RFID UHF Antenna Classification

RFID UHF Antenna Classification

RFID antenna is a very important part of hardware equipment in RFID reading, the different antennas directly affect the reading distance and range. RFID antennas are of various types, how to choose the right antenna according to different projects is very important.
According to different materials
There are PCB antenna, ceramic antenna, aluminum plate antenna and FPC antenna, etc.. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages and is used in different scenarios. Such as ceramic antenna, it has stable performance and small size. We know that the smallest size of ceramic antenna is 1818 mm, of course, there may be smaller ones. But the ceramic antenna is not suitable to do too large, the largest on the market is 6dBi, size 120*120mm. If the size is relatively large, both production and cost are not as advantageous as PCB and aluminum antenna. PCB and aluminum plate antennas are large gain antennas and are the choice of most people. For PCB antennas and alumimum antennas, the shell can be installed to meet the outdoor use. The biggest characteristic of FPC antenna is flexible, suitable for almost all small electronic products.
The difference between circularly polarized and linearly polarized antennas
For linear polarization, when the polarization direction of the receiving antenna is consistent with the linear polarization direction (the direction of the electric field), the signal is the best (the projection of the electromagnetic wave in the polarization direction is the largest). On the contrary, as the polarization direction of the receiving antenna is more different from the linear polarization direction, the signal becomes smaller (the projection decreases continuously). When the polarization direction of the receiving antenna is orthogonal to the linear polarization direction (magnetic field direction), the signal induced is zero (projection is zero). The linear polarization method has higher requirements on the direction of the antenna. Linearly polarized antennas are rarely used, for example, the antennas in microwave anechoic chamber experiments must be linearly polarized antennas.
For circularly polarized antennas, the induced signal is the same regardless of the polarization direction of the receiving antenna, and there is no difference (the projection of electromagnetic waves in any direction is the same). Therefore, the use of circular polarisation makes the system less sensitive to the orientation of the antenna (here the orientation is the orientation of the antenna, which is different from the orientation of the directional system mentioned earlier). Therefore,circularly polarised antennas are used in most situations in IoT projects.

The difference between near-field antennas and far-field antennas
As the name implies, near-field antenna is an antenna for close-range reading. The energy radiation is concentrated in the relatively close range above the antenna, which ensures the close-range reading effect without misreading or string reading the surrounding electronic tags. Its applications are mainly aimed at projects that need to be read at close range without misreading the tags around the antenna, such as jewelry inventory management, medical equipment management, unmanned supermarket settlement, and smart tool cabinets and so on.

The far-field antenna has a large energy radiation angle and a long distance. With the increase of antenna gain and size, the radiation range and reading distance increase accordingly.
In application, all the far-field antennas are needed for remote reading, and the handheld reader also use far-field antennas. For example, warehouse logistics management, factory material control and asset inventory, etc.


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Passive UHF tag for oil drill pipe

Passive UHF tag for oil drill pipe

When oil drilling pipe is working, due to the large amount of heat generated by the drilling process, many RFID tags are affected and lead to failure: loose or wrapped in thick mud,which made the tag cannot be read. In this regard, our company developed a special RFID tag for oil drill pipe. With circular design, all stainless steel shell, when in the swirl, pressure, heat, abrasion and a variety of chemicals in the oil well environment, the tag still has a strong adhesion to the drill pipe and maitained stable performance. Our drill pipe RFID tags is more durable and strong than similar products on the market, which can bear high pressure, high temperature and low temperature for long times. We had made tests about putting our tag into high temperature autoclave with 70 million mpa, 150 degrees environment for a month and the tag was still in good performance after the test. The tag is designed to be embedded in the hole of the drill pipe joint to track each individual pipe.Our company has reached preliminary cooperation with China Hailong Oil Drill Pipe Co., LTD. (the third largest drill pipe company in the world).
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RFID UHF high temperature resistant special tags classification

RFID UHF high temperature resistant special tags classification

RFID high temperature resistant anti-metal tag
High temperature resistant anti-metal tags are suitable for the management of certain equipment and components in high temperature environments, such as mould management, automotive spraying, and high temperature disinfection, etc. Their structure is different, the temperature resistance level is also different, quality,performance and price are different. There are four main categories.

1. PCB high temperature resistant anti-metal tag
The Bare PCB high temperature resistant tag, can withstand the temperature of about 150-180 degrees, but their tolerance time is short. If it is placed in a high temperature environment for a long time, its performance will be damaged. Due to its low manufacturing cost, it is really a good and economical choice for some industrial applications where the working environment temperature is not high and the working time is short.
2. Bare ceramic anti-metal tag
Comparing the bare ceramic high temperature resistant anti-metal tag with PCB, the performance of the former is more stable. First, the bare ceramic high temperature resistant anti-metal tag can withstand higher temperatures, up to 250 degrees. Second, under the same high temperature environment, the former can withstand high temperature longer than the PCB's, which is uneasy to damage in high temperature enviroment. And for the same volume, the performance of bare ceramic is better than PCB's, but its price is slightly more expensive. Ceramic tags are mainly used in embedded mold management, such as on metal part and equipment, etc., by inserting ceramic tags into metal surfaces with grooves and then sealing them with glue.

3. RFID high temperature resistant acid and alkali anti-metal tag
 As long as the tag is acid and alkali resistant, whether it is a PCB tag or a ceramic tag , it must be equipped with an acid and alkali resistant plastic casing and be tightly encapsulated. Such tags are Steelcode, Steelmini and Irontrak HT. They are injection moulded in an integrated package, to complete vacuum in the inner chamber, which can withstand higher temperature and longer time. They can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees, and are not easily damaged even if they work in a high temperature environment for a long time.

4. Abrasion and pressure resistant stainless steel RFID special tag
These tags are extremely durable RFID tags designed for long-term harsh environments. The all-metal housing design provides the best protection for embedded ceramic or PCB tags. Tags such as R-Bolt, Promass, and Promass Micro can be used almost anywhere, without any restrictions, and can withstand extremely high pressures and heat. Their rugged design makes them great in the oil and gas industry, not only can track outdoor equipment, but also can resist high temperature and high pressure, anti-drop and anti-vibration.

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Medical field

Medical field

Medical field
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Oil drilling field

Oil drilling field

Oil drilling field
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